Open challenges

BOFA has just initiated an innovative public procurement process for the waste collection services covering the households of Bornholm.

In this public procurement, Bornholm is set to be the first municipality to comply with national requirements for sorting and collection of at least 10 waste fractions at household level. The contract is worth upwards of 370 million DKK (50 million Euro) over at least 9 years and involves a built-in innovation component in the contract period.

Consortia are encouraged to apply with their innovative ideas. If you’ve missed the deadline, fear not! You may still approach BOFA with ideas for improving circularity with respect to secondary resource management from households, and we can try to find a way to work in partnership.


Give us a challenge

The path to a circular economy goes way beyond the mentioned Mega Challenges. If you do not see yourself, your organization or your idea fitting within the set Mega Challenges, contact us and suggest a challenge you wish to explore in Zero Waste Bornholm!