Paving the way together
to a circular tomorrow

Zero Waste Bornholm is a joint private and public Quadro Helix partnership and network paving the way to the world’s first industrialized society without waste based on the principles of a circular economy.  

Using the Island of Bornholm as a pulsing platform of innovation and co-creation, collaboration partners can gain actual, scalable knowledge by being able to test technologies and competencies before expanding on the growing global market with new waste and resource solutions.

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Mega Challenges

The road to a zero-waste island and a zero-waste world winds both through challenging mountain tops and green valleys of opportunity.

The Mega Challenges we face must all be met in a strategic and impactful manner as we strive toward a circular society. Currently Zero Waste Bornholm is finding new solutions seeking scalability together with our partners within the Mega Challenges:


Road to 2032

A multi-pronged approach is needed to becoming waste-free in 2032.

Framework conditions in the near future require us to transition quickly to achieving high factual recycling rates, while working together on extended producer responsibility schemes and on waste prevention and reuse.

In the slightly distant future, we only have some knowledge of requirements and available solutions. In the distant future, most of this is unknown.

Working together enables us to act proactively to the changing landscape.


Circular Challenges

Under each Mega Challenge we have condensed a series of specific related Circular Challenges and laid out projects that can be the springboard for future circular societies all over the world.


Contemporary challenges we are spearheading:

Mega Challenge: Bio Economy

Circular Challenge: Closing the Organic Waste Loop
The organic fraction of municipal waste consists of food waste and other biodegradables from households and businesses. Is it possible to close the loop and treat these biological nutrients locally through anaerobic digestion, composting or other treatment methods?

Circular Challenge: Bio-Based Products
Cutting edge research is being carried out internationally on high-value, bio-based products derived from the organic fraction of municipal waste, either through side stream valorisation or dedicated bio-refineries. Insect based proteins, bio-pesticides, bioplastics, bio-chemicals… can this be envisioned on Bornholm?

Mega Challenge: Household Waste Management

Circular Challenge: Secondary Resource Management
Achieving circularity for Bornholm households is supported by unlocking solutions for any of the 12 waste fractions that the Danish populace will start to have collected at curbside very soon (food waste, paper, carboard, metal, glass, plastic, composite packaging, textiles, hazardous waste, residual waste, small-sized electronics and electrical equipment and batteries). Is it possible to loop these materials flows back into the system instead of take-make-dispose?

Mega Challenge: Reuse and Repair

Circular Challenge: Social Entrepreneurship for a Circular Economy
Textiles, furniture and waste electronic and electrical equipment (WEEE) present opportunities for reuse and repair. Is it possible to protect vulnerable social groups and the environment through social enterprise?

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