A network of partners

Working together is the essence of forming a circular economy.

Our joint private and public Quadro Helix partnership is neatly waved by our partners, projects and network.

By becoming a partner, you are part of a multidisciplinary and ambitious network sharing hands on experience, knowledge and latest developments within the field of circular economy and waste management. Further you are part of a joint communications platform from where we share, exchange and rocketeer results to the world.


Why our partners join our network:

“Our company is based on circular economy and climate friendly principles in the building and construction industry, fully bringing to market the idea of cleaning old bricks fit for reuse. Through various innovation activities, we have decided to establish a subsidiary on Bornholm and are pleased with what the island has to offer”.
Claus Juul Nielsen, Co-Director, Gamle Mursten Bornholm ApS

 “The island of Bornholm and The island of Samsø recently ran off with the 1st and 2nd place European ‘REsponsible Island’ prizes, gaining international recognition for being islands at the forefront of a green transition. There is much to be gained from leaning on each other to develop sustainable solutions that fit our settings.”
Søren Hermansen, Samsø Energy Academy


“We have been working with Bornholm for a number of years now. In working to setting up a Resource Lab on Bornholm for applied research and higher education, together with industry partners, we’ve made a statement that we want to be an active player in the zero waste journey”.
Stig Hirsbak, Academic Officer and Part-time Lecturer, Aalborg University


How we work together

To both formulate and accelerate how we work together we root our partnership and projects by using our Bornholm Partnership Model.

The model is developed to give our partners the best opportunity to rocketeer the experience gained form our projects and at the same time provide the best conditions for implementation of new ideas, does and technologies across the Island of Bornholm.

Visit us

Your delegation or organization are always welcome to visit our projects and island. Please use the contact formula below and let’s start planning.

our partners

Dewdrop Tiles

Dewdrop Tiles provides customized circular tile solutions made from surplus and reclaimed tile remnants from construction sites and BOFA’s recycling centers. Dewdrop Tiles’ vision is to contribute to a more sustainable development by giving otherwise discarded tiles a new life, transforming them into unique, high-quality tile solutions through an efficient production process with low carbon emissions. Dewdrop Tiles’ solutions are based on the material and are produced through a digital process that ensures the perfect expression. As one of Dewdrop Tiles’ first customers, BOFA had a mosaic wall created for their Waste Tower, which serves as Bornholm’s green dissemination center for sustainable utilization of Earth’s resources.

Foodjob Nordic

Foodjob Nordic is Scandinavia’s only recruitment agency specialized in finding jobs and candidates for the food industry, addressing both Danish and international challenges in the food industry. Foodjob Nordic is behind Sustainable Food Week, an innovation platform held annually in Bornholm, where several international companies come together with experts from around the world to work on solutions to real-life issues faced by the participating companies. BOFA is a regular participant in Sustainable Food Week and the thematic tracks that are worked on. Furthermore, BOFA was a case holder in the first year it was held on Bornholm, where the island’s food waste issue was the focal point.


Nestlé envisions an increase in the proportion of recycled plastic each year and has a goal of reducing virgin plastic by 1/3 by 2025. For a period of 1 ½ years, Nestlé and BOFA have collaborated on the collection and recycling of PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) from households.

The pilot project aimed to examine whether the quality of the collected PET was sufficient for recycling into new products, such as new bottles. In the collaboration, BOFA was responsible for collecting and manually sorting food-grade PET, which was then forwarded to the Danish Technological Institute. The institute explored the possibilities of processing the household-collected PET, including cleaning, pelletization, and quality testing, to demonstrate the recycling potential of Nestlé and BOFA’s pilot project. This formed the technical basis for developing a technological roadmap for the recycling of household-collected PET.

New Loop

New Loop has developed a circular deposit system for take-away packaging. The idea is to wash the packaging and return it to the take-away provider, ready to be used again. When the packaging can no longer be reused, the goal is that it will be recycled into new food-grade packaging, all within a circular loop. New Loop has previously tested their solutions at the People’s Meeting in 2022 and, in collaboration with BOFA and Zero Waste Bornholm, plans to conduct ongoing tests with the implementation of New Loop’s deposit system in order to ultimately remove take-away packaging from waste containers on Bornholm.

New Retex A/S

NewRetex specializes in intelligent and automated sorting of textile waste. They ensure the collection and sorting of used textiles, which are categorized by color and material and eventually transformed into new yarn. This yarn can then be used to create clothing and textiles in a circular loop.

The collaboration between BOFA and NewRetex has the potential to significantly increase and streamline the recycling of textile waste on Bornholm. This collaboration ensures that as many textiles as possible are given a new lease on life and can be transformed into clothing once again. Furthermore, this process can be carried out locally on the island, promoting local production.